SG-1000 bricked and recovered

  • Had not updated my firewall for a while - it's for home.  Updated through WebUI.  After reboot, firewall did not come back.  After waiting for several minutes, I did the (shudder) unplug/plug routine.  I did not check the console before I did this. The version was probably about 3-4 months old.

    The console was displaying /bin/sh not found.  I tried a number of troubleshooting options but could not get to a prompt to run fsck.

    So, I managed to jump through the re-install hoops, got the unit booted, and got the config restored.

    If you don't have some kind of config backup setup, do it now.  It just saved my bacon.

    I realize it's possible the filesystem got corrupted on the initial unplug.  I've never had that happen with a pfsense unit before though…


  • So – the next thing I'm looking to add now is an external logging setup so that if I have issues, I can get logs about what happened at least.

    Any suggestions for this would be welcome.

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