Syslog doesn't start (limits:setrlimit kqueues: Invalid argument)

  • Hi Team,

    I upgraded to 2.4.2-RELEASE-p1 (amd64)  a few days back, and ran into the problems described here:

    I applied the fix described [ pkg-static update –f ; pkg-static upgrade –f ] and all seemed fine.

    Then I noticed that I wasn't getting any logs … reason being, syslogd was failing to start with the limit error mentioned above.

    Does anyone have any suggestions please?



  • Guys,

    Solved this for myself.

    Even though dashboard said I was up to date, I wasn't.

    Running console update [option 13] did a kernel update and two reboots.

    After that, I was back in business.

    Hope that helps someone …


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