Would pfsense work for me?

  • Hi,

    I'm just thinking out pfsense, and wondering whether pfsense would work for my situation.

    We are a website design company with 2 ADSL lines, which we currently have connected to an endian firewall. Other businessses nearby rent broadband from us, and we have run ethernet cables and installed wireless access points to accomodate this.

    We sell broadband for £3.00 per computer, and a minimum of £10 a month per business. (So two computers would be £10, four computers would be £12).

    We don't need the billing intergrated, though it could be handy, but we can always collect the money ourselves.

    I was thinking about the captive portal would work for this? But how could I go about this. A user account type system for each business would work, where they could login and add computers would work be ideal, anything like this exist. Oh, and there would have to be an override, as there is a computer store which we charge a fixed fee no matter how many computers he adds.

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