IPsec/L2TP - Can Only Reach LAN

  • Hi Folks,

    New user here, I hope I've posted this in the correct section. After spending much time but failing to get pfsense to pass traffic to my Windows Server for VPN I have decided to just use the pfsense-native L2TP server. I followed the guide here:


    With the exception that I am using RADIUS for authentication, and my IPsec phase1 dhgroup is set at 2 (1024). I am able to establish a connection using my Android phone and can access internal resources by their IP (only). I am having some trouble with name resolution despite trying different combinations of nearly everything in the l2tp config screen.

    My second (and probably related) issue is that I cannot access the internet (not even ping external IPs) from the android while VPN is connected.

    I have confirmed the firewall is set to *ANY *ANY for L2TP and IPsec. My NAT>Outbound is set to "automatic" mode and rules are being populated. I am using pfBlockerNG but I have toggled it on and off during my tests with no noticeable difference.

    I am sure that I am missing something simple; I would appreciate any guidance


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