Authenticate against OpenLDAP Groups

  • Hi,

    I have configured a UCS Univention server with OpenLDAP. I'm trying to authenticate against the OpenLDAP server with pfsense,
    which only works without any filtering. I.E, filtering to a LDAP user group doesnt work.

    Im running latest PFsense version. My pfsense LDAP settings attached as a picture.

    I have played around with all different sort of LDAP filters/extended queries but all of them give me this in the log:

    /diag_authentication.php: ERROR! Either LDAP search failed, or multiple users were found.

    if I authenticate without using any filtering with the  diagnose authentication tool i receive this:

    User ldapuser authenticated successfully. This user is a member of groups: 

    Where groups is empty…

    Im using the same LDAP group for my webserver (owncloud) and it works without any problems there to filter users against groups.

    Thanks in advance,

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