Routing Problems Issues.

  • I will try to be brief as possible.

    I have a /24 network routed to me.
    WAN =  pfSense wan /24 .1 gateway
    LAN = pfSense LAN /24  Will not work unless I bridge with WAN

    8 Port Switch has an incoming WAN connection which feeds 66.28.213.X range, and also another range 66.39.202.X range. The WAN connection from pfSense and LAN connection both plug into this switch.

    I am using advanced abound NAT rules enabled as these are public addresses. The DHCP server is setup on LAN to handle out these addresses. I still cannot ping the addresses that the DHCP handles out from outside the WAN interface. My firewalls rules are * * * * on everything. Pass all.

    Another issues is that in my Traffic Graphs my WAN shows the same thing up and down and nothing on the LAN interface. I imagine this also has to do with the issue of it not routing to the local subnet and the reason for the bridge.

    The LAN also requires an IP address even if bridged with an interface. That doesn't seem right to me and probably another reason my graphs are fubared.

    Am I also creating a problem with the advanced about NAT being ./24 which starts at I would think so, so would I need to subnet the range from the WAN IP?

    So to sum up my problems.
    LAN does not route out through WAN unless bridged with.
    DHCP addresses are not pingable from outside the WAN even with firewall rules on pass everything on all interfaces.
    WAN graph shows same thing happening up and down, and LAN interface nothing.

    And last the ques show only things being downloaded and nothing uploaded although the trafiic graph shows upload.

    World of problems and i'm lost… is running live at an apartment complex this way. I also can't get any download speed about 500k with traffic shaper enabled with the download set at 4000K and upload to 2000k.

    As always, all time and thoughts appreciated.

  • Well I solved the main problem…I guess you can't NAT out the same network that your WAN is for using public IPs on a LAN.

    Went ahead and put the LAN on private IP space.

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