Win10 vlans working finally

  • I checked for new Intel NIC drivers, saw an update from early Dec, installed them and noticed that vLans were working in Win10. At least for my Intel NIC, the only nic I use, vLans have not been working since Win10 was released. Intel claimed everything was working prior to Win10 RTM. Intel, Realtek and Broadcom blamed Microsoft and Microsoft blamed them. I'm not sure who fixed it an when, but it was not working back in Nov and now it is.

    I forgot I was plugged into an untagged port and wasted a lot of time trying to figure out how to connect to my switch again. Why could pfSense ping my switch but my desktop couldn't?!… stupid me.

  • Glad you have installed the new Intel driver for Windows 10. I have tried but the MS operating system (Windows 10) will not allow installation. What was your configuration procedure. I would also like to use Window 10 with vlans.

    Thanks for the assistance

  • I'm just on my home desktop. I don't have a "configuration procedure". I saw a new driver,downloaded it, and ran the exe  Version: 22.10 (Latest) Date: 12/7/2017 PROWinx64.exe

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