Route subnet to another box

  • I have 2 pfsense boxes located in another building with a different ISP. Both boxes have a public IP. Box A has a LAN interface with clients. Box B has a /24 public subnet routed to it, but no LAN interface. How would I make it so that my /24 subnet gets routed to the clients connected to the box A, so they access the internet with an IP from the subnet and the ability to route incoming trafic from the subnet to clients?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    What exactly is the point of a pfsense box with just public IPs on it and no lan?  If it only has 1 network attached how is it routing/firewalling anything?  What are you using it for?

    Btu sure connect them together with a transit network and route whatever clients you wont out the the other pfsense box with the public /24

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