Hardware with Mini PCIe with SIM

  • We are wanting to use Pfsense with LTE cards that come in MiniPCIe or M.2 format like the Sierra Wireless MC and EM cards. If M.2, we can use a M.2 to Mini PCI adapter.

    What boards out there have the following specs:

    -Mini PCIe or M.2 with SIM card slot
    -64 bit support
    -2 or more Gigabit Ethernet Ports

    • 802.11AC and 802.11N Built in.
    • Enough RAM and storage to run Pfenses or any other standard linux operating system

  • Banned


    • 802.11AC and 802.11N Built in.

    FreeBSD does not support 802.11AC.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yeah, no 802.11ac support currently.  :(

    If you're using a mPCIe to m.2 adapter you can get one with the SIM slot on the adapter. That would expand your choices.


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