Trying to mirror Wordpress site to another box

  • I have a couple websites that I run on a VPS. I want to mirror them to another VPS that will otherwise be offline. That way, if the main box goes down, I can use the zone editor and point the domain at the IP for the second box.

    So box1 = main Vps box2 = second VPS.

    So essentially I will build a script to sqldump the databases, then rsync both the databases and contents of /html from the main VPS to the backup VPS.

    The first issue to address is: suppose box1 goes down, and I start using box2 as my webserver. How should I go about keeping the sql box1 from unintentionally overwriting my current (on box2) database?

  • Our web team uses Akeeba Backup.  They have Wordpress support, both free and pro editions.

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