WebConfig always shows Huawei e398u - OFFLINE

  • Hi Guys

    I am a little confused regarding the availability of my second WAN connection using an e398u usb dongle.

    The interface status page shows OPT1 as Up with Valid SIM state, and Service and packets passing (see OPT1.png attached)  but the Home page in the pfSense webConfigurator always shows the same interface as down with 100% packet loss (see HOME.png attached)

    As a noob to pfsense I suspect its just a lack of understanding on my part but I would appreciate it if anyone can shed light on this for me. I want to use the dongle as a failover (not set up yet) but need to be sure the connection is really there before I do that.

    Many thanks in advance

  • Problems like this bring out the tenacity monster in me and in the spirit of completion I am posting the solution to my own question in case anyone else has this same issue.

    It turns out that the LTE Gateway I set up did not like using the same IP address for the gatewayIP and the monitorIP. This is despite the fact that that this type of arrangement works for my cable wan connection. Perhaps it's because the IP provided by the mobile connection is an unaddressable IP i.e. 10.X.X.X.

    In any case by changing the monitorIP on the LTE Gateway to the IP address of one of the DNS servers on the LTE interface the LTE gateway is now online and failover works nicely.

    Now I just have to get some aerials for my dongle so that I can get an LTE signal from inside my comms cupboard. WCDMA is definitely not cutting it! :) :)

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