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  • Good to all.
    Im new to the forum but please do help me im in a dire situation.

    I have a captive portal setup on pfsense 2.4.2 and i set the authentication to vouchers and user and i want to know how to allow many device login in one account/user without interfering with other fellow devices using the same account/user and want to set it 4 device login per account.

    I hope someone will help me i really need to solve this problem because on the later version of pfsense 2.0.3 it is was automatically allowed multiple login on one account.

    Thanks if answered :D

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You can allow multiple logins per voucher or 1 login per voucher. You cannot limit a voucher to N logins.

  • I mean not the voucher system
    I Want to do it on the user side allowing many device login on one user

    Allowed login: multiple device at the same time

  • Hi,

    As derelict already said, you can limit to "one" or "more".

    See image : when checked, only one, the last, user will have a connection.
    Uncheck and the login can be used on several devices.

    Something as "limit to 4" isn't implemented.

  • Ok i will try i will update you later tnx

  • @pronten2:

    Ok i will try i will update you later tnx

    Nothing to "try" actually, it's disabled by default, so a user can use the same login ID on multiple devices already.
    See image.

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