'Invalid partion table!' error

  • Hi

    all is going well with the testing of the fw - once booted and past the above error the ethernet was working fine and the gui fast. However ,I m struggling to clear an error on boot up

    After the bios it says "invalid partition table" - i have to hit enter ,then it's fine. Im using a dell laptop.

    Any ideas? is this a common thing?

    I even booted windows setup to delete all partions then rebooted the usb mem stick for pfsense setup and still i get this error (it even says it booting the memory stick).

    Ive got the hard drive as the first boot, and the usb as second, everythign else is disabled

  • I also ge tthis just booting off the usb stick  - could it be bios doesnt like the way the disk  pfsense is constructed?

    i installed linux mint to test and it is ok, no errors, and other firewalls, also ok.

    maybe ill try an older version?  I installed the usb version form the site opposed to the dvd

  • ok tried the older version available for download and it works

    so its something int he boot image of the usb version of the latest edition of pfsense

  • UEFI GPT vs old style bios partition?

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