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  • I Noobie to pfsense world but i wanna build router, but still I wanna do it on the cheap, with latest pfsense version.

    My Download 600mb/s and Upload 600mb/s

    Its better compabilitty out of box with Intel CPU or amd?

    I was thinking to buying a motherboard with one nic and adding additional nic

    Another option is integrated CPU ( J3455B )

    that's is better solution? If someone has some suggestion tell me ^^

    Thanks for your response  ;D

  • I am sure others will have more specifics but in broad strokes, the system should have the following:

    • a 64 bit CPU - The current version of pfSense (2.4.x) does not support 32 bit CPUs any longer

    • a CPU with AES-NI - The next major revision of pfSense (2.5) will not support non-AES-NI CPUs. That is likely over a year from now but if you're building something right now, it would behoove you to keep that in mind.

    • a well supported NIC - In particular, a non-Realtek one, preferably an Intel based one. Users have reported problems and high CPU usage especially at higher speeds with Realtek NICs.

    The motherboard you're suggesting ticks the first 2 bullets but not the 3rd. If you're buying a separate NIC card, I would suggest buying a 2 port Intel card.

    Mind you, unless you want to do this as a learning exercise, or because you happen to have parts lying about, you can get pre-configured systems from Netgate, which come with warranty etc… that would get you up and running in no time. Hope this helps.

  • I mostly do it for Learning exercise but I mostly interested in the software side of things, I have parts lying around like ddr3 ram, and power supplies, and small factor case from earlier projects. so want to keep my expense to minimal <200 euro ~ 244 dollars or lower if possible ^^

    but as you suggested i checked netgate products am only found

    SG-1000 microFirewall Security Appliance 149 price budget :/ , but I don't think it's going to handle VPN and adblocking for me or mistaking?

  • Netgate Administrator

    You will need a more powerful device than the SG-1000 for a 600Mbps connection especially if you want to run VPNs and packages.

    The SG-3100 would do it but it's outside your price range.

    If you have parts them put them together and try it.  If you are doing this as a learning experience that's the best way anyhow IMO.  :)


  • I just got swamped with university work but, but Updating my thread i thinking of buying :

    1. Intel Pentium G4560, Dual Core, 3.50GHz ± 71 euros
    2. ASRock H270M-ITX/ac ± 109 euros

    and i will need to ram because this mb only supports ddr4 memory :/ i was thinking about basic ram stick 4gb like 2133 mhz speed

    i was thinking about picking cheaper cpu or just stay with this one ?

  • Get as much RAM as you can afford, it's cheap, snort if you decide to run it at a later date eats RAM :)

  • Am only going to run VPN and some sort of ad blocking plugin that's all I think or maybe fool around with antivirus plugins :/

  • @Zygizz:

    Am only going to run VPN and some sort of ad blocking plugin that's all I think or maybe fool around with antivirus plugins :/

    if you don't need the ram, don't waste money on unnecessary ram. 4g is already ridiculously high for a router.

    p.s.: ad blocking & antivirus will end up being a hole down which you throw a lot of time and effort but will never really work well. just do it on the endpoint.

  • Keep in mind that ~180 for CPU + Motherboard isn't the whole cost picture. You'll need decent network cards, a case, a PSU and a storage disk for pfSense itself.

  • Also don't expect to use the built in Wi-Fi as its not supported by FreeBSD, if you go for ASRock H270M-ITX/ac.

    No 802.11ac card is supported.

  • find a dell or HP business PC, i use a dell optiplex SFF with a i7 2600, 16GB of ddr3 and a mushkin 128GB SSD, added a low profile intel Gb nic for the WAN side and use the onboard intel Gb nic for the LAN. uses very little power and have only about $250 total invested

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