Multi WAN Basics with pfSense

  • Question is for 1.2.1 or later….

    I have been reading up on trying to "team" or combine multiple WAN connection for us.  For example, 1 T1 connection, and 2 DSL connections.  From what I gather on reading other sites, pfSense has the capability to do this.  Can someone please clarify this with the following questions?  My problems is I am getting confused if you can actually do the below due to vatious terminologies - new to multi wan talk.

    1.  Can pfSense "combine" or "team" the various broadband connection as 1 - goal is to speed up connection (like bonding )?
    2.  Do the broadband connection need to be static assigned?
    3.  Is it true that only one PPOE is allowed?
    4.  Is there a link to a resource to show HOW TO do this; actually configurations, steps, or walk through?

    It boils down to this, at work, I want to combine our T1 with 1 or 2 DSL lines (get a business DSL if pfSense allows this) to speed up our connection.  Can pfSense do what PepLink does in this regards (appears to be more work on pfSense)?

  • is part of my answer, but still need to know …. can it combine the speed of my broadband connections (not failover)?

  • The short answer is yes with a HTTP download manager ( google round robin ). But i would recommend to split your users and assign failover pools to them.

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