Problem Authentication Determinate User Active Directory with PfSense

  • Hello friends how are you?

    Sorry my English, but I'm learning  ;D

    I'm need a aid for you. In my company where I work I have one Windows Server 2012 with Active Directory integrate with Pfsense. What happen is when I go to in AD and a determinate user  in wich I want that him access in determinates hosts. for example, in company have got 20 hosts in network passing by pfsense.

    But  I want a determinate user access Dashboard Pfsense, Host1 and Host2 and rest I don't want have permission in wich I did in  Logon On to in Windows Server 2012 equal image below:

    I saved this settings, Then I went to pfsense in Diagnostic -> Authentication.
    This part I put name user and password and I've given this error as image below:

    But when I put this option in which I left he login in all computers it authentication successfuly. As images below:

    I already find in internet some problem about this. but I can't. For me is first time happened.

    Thanks a lot for atention.

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