• How is it possible to set special HAProxy options?  For instance, we're interested in setting the http-buffer-request option for a front end, however the UI doesn't seem to provide access to do this.

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    Wouldn't you set that in global passthru section..  Or in the advanced section of your frontend

  • Thank you, johnpoz, but I don't think so.  I considered the global options section, but that would set the option as a global default, rather than just a characteristic of the specific front end.  As for the advanced section of the front end, perhaps I misunderstand but that looks like a field for HTTP options to be injected into the header.  In this case, we want to turn on an option that affects the HAProxy behavior.

    What we're after is for HAProxy to absorb and respond to 'Expect: 100-continue' so that the server will get the entire request in one piece.

  • Again, johnpoz, thank you very much.  We decided to test, and your advice was 100% accurate.  Adding it to the Advanced pass thru of the front end has the exact affect we were looking for.

    Problem solved.

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    " a field for HTTP options to be injected into the header. "

    No as it states its where you put in options to passthru to the frontend.. This common theme on all packages and or services in pfsense.  There are gui settings for the obvious stuff… but more advanced features can be put into a custom box that are added to the conf file, etc.

    Look fired up a frontend - put your option in the box, check out the cfg file..  See attached pic

    you can also put that option in global or default section, etc.

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