Deploy self-written package

  • I created a pfSense package by changing an "official" one. But while intalling the official package from the webGUI makes all the background job, i managed to install my package only manually by copy the files to the pfSense server according the official package's structure on GitHub, and by edit manually the config file. I tried to reverse to process as much as i could, i saw a funcion calls "install" that runs while intalling package from the pfSense repository with webGUI, but couldn't understand how it works. i want to find a way to create a file that with one command using the shell i can copy all the files and edit the config with the native functions of pfSense. I believe i need to write this file as well, but how should i do this?
    What type of file the package file should be? (txz file?)
    For the copy of the files, should i use freeBSD commands?
    How i add the package information into the config file with native pfSense commands?
    How i make the webGUI update so i can see the new package on the menu without rebooting (this the only way i could make it work)?
    How i make the package be listed on the "installed packages" list?



  • incomplete info can be found here:


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