Multiple pppoe interfaces workaround

  • This is more so related to the functionality of the cheap adsl modem than to pfsense, but I figure one of you guys to set this straight.
    I need the functionality of multiple wans and with 1.2 you are only able to have one pppoe interface.
    I have a cheap adsl modem, I have read that the work around is to put this in front of pfsense and get it to do the pppoe.
    is it possible to do this and still assign the public ip to the new wan interface on pfsense?
    please explain what options I need to set on my adsl modem? or how do I go about do this correctly, in terms of routing.

    Many Thanks.

  • Depending on the modem you could let the modem do the PPPoE authentication but set it IP-wise into bridge mode.
    Like this only the pfSense would route.
    If your modem doesnt support that you would have to let it do NAT.
    Just use some private subnet between the modem and the pfSense.

    please explain what options I need to set on my adsl modem?

    My crystalball senses <crack>…. sorry broken.
    (You have at least to tell us what modem you have :D or better yet: read the manual to it ;) )</crack>

  • thanks for your help, thats just what I was looking for. I needed to verify that it was possible, I really wanted to avoid double natting if at all possible, i just wasn't sure that modems could do that sort of ip passthrough.

    Many Thanks

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