Open vpn issues

  • Dear Team,

    I have created a open vpn setup in my pfsense with port number 1194, when i try to telnet with specified port number i dp get message as connecting to <ip>could not open connection to the host , on port 1194; connection failed.

    Please help me in this issue</ip>

  • You may wish to post/move this question to the OpenVPN section:

  • Your are connecting from where : LAN ? Somewhere on the Internet ?
    Using your WAN IP ?
    You have a pfSense firewall rule that open port 1194 (TCP and/or UDP - see image) ?
    The special one for you (and me btw) : do you have another router in front of pfSense ? And if so, did you open and NAT port 1194 to pfSense on that router ?

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