DHCP6 will not pull IPv6 address on WAN Interface

  • Hello,

    I have been trying to configure my PFsense firewall to obtain an IPv4 and Ipv6 address on the WAN interface. I have the IPv4 address pulled on the WAN interface via DHCP. When I select DHCP6 to pull the IPv6 address for the WAN interface, it does not pull at all. I have looked at the logs but not sure what is exactly wrong. Below is what I continue to see in the logs for dhcp6. Current PFSense version is 2.4.2

    dhcp6c[5469]: failed to open /usr/local/etc/dhcp6cctlkey: No such file or directory
    dhcp6c[5469]: failed initialize control message authentication
    dhcp6c[5469]: skip opening control port
    dhcp6c[5469]: /var/etc/dhcp6c_wan.conf:3 IA_PD (0) is not defined
    dhcp6c[5469]: failed to parse configuration file

  • Do you know what settings your isp requires? The edge router may not even provide an ip address for the wan. You must request a prefix size that is supported. The edge router may only support one size. It may require you to only request a prefix, not a prefix and an address. If your router isn't asking for a supported configuration, nothing will be delegated.

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