Using a PFsense behind another PFsense

  • Hello everyone!

    Here, I'm stuck on a configuration that I would like to set up on my network.
    Currently, I have a PFsense in front of my network with a WAN interface and a LAN interface.
    My goal is to have a second one set up for HA. The problem is that my second PFsense must be up to date (and I only have a WAN IP). So I would have liked to temporarily put this second PFsense behind my first PFsense by indicating my PFsense 1 as a Gateway on my PFsense 2. I created a LAN interface on this PFsense2 on the same network as the LAN interface of my PFsense 1.

    Despite this, the traceroute to a public IP only sends me the first HOP and stops at PFsense 1 without going beyond it.

    Have I forgotten something ?

    Thank you in advance:)

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  • How have you set this up?

    The way I understand it is there is a CARP IP…. for example, - Both boxes communicate over carp on that IP so you second PFSense box will update from you main one.

  • At first I had set up a configuration via CARP, but the synchronization, so the recovery of WAN parameters from PFsense 1 was not done because PFsense 2 was not up to date.

    So that's why I opted for a temporary configuration of this kind:

    WAN <-> PFsense1 <-> LAN <-> PFsense2

    On my PFsense1, the LAN interface is in, on my PFsense2, the LAN interface is in
    On my PFsense2, I have configured the gateway as PFsense1.

  • Resolved, I've add a Outbound Rule on my 1st PFsense to allow my 2nd PFsense to go to WAN through is LAN interface :)

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