Spamd broken on 1.2.1

  • Spamd still seems broken on the new stable release.

    Greylisting works but never looks at any white or blacklists.
    The buttons to manually add hosts to whitelist\blacklist\spamtrap also don't work.

    Adding a mail adress manually to spamtrap database also seems to have no effect as they continue to be grey-listed.

    Running a fresh install of 1.2.1

  • Im on 1.2.2 adn I have report the same problems for me.

    I have added an external blacklist, I think the format should be one IP address per line.
    When I run "pfctl -t blacklist -T show" I get nothing.  I would expect to see my list I am importing from a URL.

    I too see stuff in the greylist.

    When I mouse over the "+" button it says "add to whitelist"  should it not be adding it to the "black list"  it says "blacklist right beside it?

    Under spamd setting I have turned on "greylisting" and "RRD"

    Maybe there is documentation around that would explain this package a little better.

    BTW, I run spamd on openbsd servers and use the CLI, so I am trying to understand the pfsense GUI.


  • After more testing tonight, I have to conclude that the spamd package is not ready for production use.
    I was unable to manually add blacklist or whitelist any IP address'

    I will look into this over the next few weeks.

    It works great on my openbsd boxes.

  • I have found this also - auto whitelisting is working but it takes ages.

    Virgin media has 18 mail servers, so I added them manually in the SpamD Whitelist and it is just ignored!

    Also for some reason I have noticed that when something gets auto whitelisted it still takes a while for the mail to hit the users in-box.

  • I am using spamd in 1.2.2

    it seems to work everything but blacklists
    All spam is blocked by greylist, but not refused by rbl.

    Database totals:

    385 total items in the whitelist.
    0 total items in the blacklist.
    28699 total items in the greylist.
    29084 total items in the SpamDB.


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