One voucher used by multiple users

  • hello

    i have a pfsense server installed and configured good all things was good but yesterday i was trying to write one voucher in 3 devices and it works !!!!
    but before it was all the things good one voucher for one device can you help me please !? how to fix this problem
    i juste want to notice

    • i didn't try to change something in server or configuration
    • i have my personnal website and it's works  good and even this when the problem happned i return to the default website of pfsense. the same problem when i write a bad voucher it's good it tell me invalid voucher but when i write a valid password in more than one devices it gives them authorization  to access to the internet !! please help me how to fix this i don't want to restart all the installation

  • Hi,

    What are you captive portal settings ?

    What is the captive portal status pages showing ?

    What does the captive portal log tels us ?

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