Cannot update from 2.3.4 nanobsd to 2.4.0

  • Hello guys,

    I am new here to the forum, please help me out with this problem i have.

    I've been using pfsense for more than a year been very very happy with ! i got a firebox XTM 5 firewall running pfsnese on a CF.

    I got old fashion nanobsd of 4G using 2 slices and now i want to upgrade to 2.4.0 without loosing everything since i got a lot of stuff configured.

    And i was following the guide to upgrade posted here:

    and i got to this point it says:

    If Bootup Slice ends in s2 then the firewall is booting from the secondary slice and must be changed to boot from the first slice using the following steps

    Click Duplicate XXXs2 -> XXXs1
    Click Switch Slice to change the boot slice to XXXs1

    Well by boot slice end is s2 its actually ada0s2 but when i went to Diagnostics / nanoBSD to copy ada0s2 into ada0s1 i only have a option to copy ada0s1 into ada0s2 !! and that is not good, i've attached a picture:

    Also i've read in the guide that there is a option 2 for this namely:  # /bin/dd if=/dev/ada0s2 of=/dev/ada0s1 bs=64k

    I have tried this also and got this error that i could not pass:

    [2.3.4-RELEASE][root@pfSense.shimano.home]/: /bin/dd if=/dev/ada0s2 of=/dev/ada0s1 bs=64k
    dd: /dev/ada0s1: Operation not permitted

    so i cannot copy s2 into s1 so i change boot to s1 and continue with the installation, i have searched over the internet for the past month and could not do it…

    please help me out with this as i am stuck and really to update to 2.4.0 and beyond.

    Thank you very much all for your time and effort.


  • Important Information
    A few noteworthy items about running or upgrading to pfSense 2.4:

    32-bit x86 and NanoBSD have been deprecated and are not supported on pfSense 2.4.


  • Yea i read that but i don't see any connection with my issue not being able to copy one slice to other ?

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