2.4.2\. GUI slow in responding

  • Hi,

    I3570, 8GB RAM.

    Just installed 2.4.2 on it.

    Everything was fine, responding promptly, until I installed two OpenVPN clients on it (at least, somewhere around that time). Meaning: just entering their settings, not even actually using the clients yet in firewall rules.

    Now, whatever I click, the GUI is slow in responding. Easily have to wait 15 to 30 seconds before it responds, anywhere in the GUI, so not just OpenVPN-related: Status/Diagnostics, Firewall/rules, you name it.

    Sometimes clicking two times seems to solve it, but then again, other times not.

    Is this is a known problem in 2.4.2? I have it on one of my 2.3.5 boxes, very heavily (unworkable) I had hoped it would be gone in 2.4.2. And it was, until I installed the two clients.

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