High Latency

  • I was wondering if anyone has had lots of high latency on their pfSense box with a good amount of traffic on it.

    Running a
    Tyan Mobo
    533Mhz Celeron
    256Mb PC133 RAM

    I'm getting latency from 300ms to 1000ms. The wireless backhaul link the traffic goes over is a 7Mb Link. I have my traffic shaper configured for 4500Kb down and 2500Kb up. Both of which are maxed 90% of the time. I am also using the eZ Shaper Wizard for configuring the traffic shaper, lowering p2p, prioritize other protocolls with voip.

    My processor load bounces quite abit from 30% to 70% and memory stays around 20%. This machine is also DHCPing out a /24 to everyone.

    The firewall is also set to agressive.

    Is this too much load for this processor? I can't put my thumb on it why I am getting so much latency.

  • I don't even get this kind of latency with my adsl2+ 16mbit/s down, 1 mbit/s up using a WRAP (266MHz,128MB RAM) which is way slower hardware. I guess it's a problem with the wireless link (noise?).

  • @hoba:

    my adsl2+ 16mbit/s down, 1 mbit/s up

    plots digging a trench and installing network to hoba's house

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