OpenVPN CIDR pool

  • I am preemptively apologizing for this extremely naïve, N00b-ish question. In real life I am a medical doctor, and my knowledge of networking tech is full of huge gaps.

    I need to set up an OpenVPN tunnel into my home network. The server is at internal IP address, the gateway (pfSense) has The subnet is The LAN devices use a pool of addresses between and

    I have set up OpenVPN on the pfSense gateway and it works in principle, but I cannot get the address pool right (in the OpenVPN settings):

    • (which pfSense lists as an example) works, but of course I do not see any device in my home network.

    • crashes the LAN!!!

    • does not work either.

    Any advice would be gratefully appreciated!

  • Never mind, I seem to have figured it out. does the job after all.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    " does the job after all."

    Does the job of what - a firewall rule?  A summary route - those are really the only valid uses of such a CIDR.. Do you have 65k some hosts you need on the same network? ;)

    Use a more appropriate CIDR would be my suggestion.. Say a /24 or /23 if you have a lot of hosts..

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