New pfSense Router Purchase

  • Hello everyone,
    I'm considering my options for my next router purchase and would appreciate your input.

    • 1000mb down / 40mb up

    • Home Network; heavy usage of audio/video conferencing

    • approx. 90 devices (everything has an IP these days!)

    • DHCP

    • DNS Resolver

    • pfBlockerNG

    • Snort

    • Squid / SquidGuard

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    I have a 500/50 home connection.  Can tell you loving my SG-4860 (desktop model)… But was looking at sg-3100 first - but go big or go home I always say ;)

    BTW you didn't mention any sort of budget.

    Have zero use for squid, but do run snort and ntopng.. Not even breaking a sweat.. I have like 55 devices on and off my network.. Currently 39 actively connected.  I agree with you everything has an IP these days ;)

  • I currently have the SG-2220 and honestly, it has been great. :)

    Budget, well…I'm okay if I have to drop $1000-$1500. I have looked at the 1u 4860 and even the 8860. A part of my concern is that these units will be refreshed soon since they've been out for a while and the SG-2220 was recently refreshed.

    I only have 1 WAN and I really do not need all of the LAN ports as I'll simply connect the pfSense device to my switches. (my switches do have SFP+ which I'm using so if the pfSense box have SFP that would be pretty cool).

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    Is your 2220 working?  It's not end of life til 2020.. It went end of sale.. So if its currently working for you - then little reason to change.  And sure prob some new stuff coming, etc… As always with computer/tech stuff - you pull the trigger and new shiny model is out ;)

    The 2220 replacement model is the 3100.

    I have multiple networks.. So the 6 interfaces was a big plus for me in the 4860 line... It sits on top of sg-300-28.. There is currently only 1 interface on the 4860 not connected and only reason is have not broken that network out on its own yet - its currently sitting on a vlan on one of the other interfaces, etc.

  • Yes, and no. It seems since I've upgraded to 1gb DL and added new rules for pfBlockerNG that it gets overwhelmed after 36 hours or so and requires a reboot. If I disable the pfBlocker rules it runs with no issues. That said, I'm not running any of the other services that I mentioned (e.g. squid, squidguard, snort).

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    I would take a look at the 3100 if you want an update.. It just came out few months back really, and should be good for a few years to be sure. And is way under your budget.

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