Acting as a Repeater

  • Hello,

    I have just installed pfSense and want it to act as a Repeater. My setup appears to be different than the other examples I have noticed while browsing through the forums. This is what I am looking to accomplish, though any other suggestions would be most welcome.

    Wireless Internet access only available in the Kitchen
    Limited funds to purchase additional hardware

    Resolution Outlook:
    Use pfSense to re-broadcast the signal throughout the rest of the house.

    Current setup:
    Computer with pfSense installed
         Wifi card (D-link)
         NIC (Linksys)
    D-Link Wifi Router (connected to the internet)
    D-Link Wifi Router  (these are different models)

    My original thought was to have the Wifi Internet connection be picked up by the Wifi card in the pfSense box. Then transmit it out the NIC to the Wifi Router to rebroadcast it. Is this even possible using pfSense?

    My pfSense Setup for the network interfaces are:
    lan -> dc0 - going to the wifi Router to rebroadcast to the rest of the house
    wan -> ath0 - Wireless trying to receive the other wireless
    opt1 -> plip0 - Unknown

    Thanks in advance for the help and suggestions.

  • This should work.
    You could also put 2 wireless interfaces into your computer.

    Make sure you have a directional antenna on the interface connecting to your internet-providing AP.

  • How would I need to set this up to get it to act the way I explained.
    Do I need to set up a bridge?
    Do I need to setup the networks on the same subnet or assign each a static IP?

  • Did you try to do it?
    I wont give you a step by step howto since this is pretty standard.

    If you have problems doing it post here your problems and someone (or i) will help you solve it.

  • I do not have an additional wifi card to put into the pfSense box, also I cannot add a directional antenna to the router as there is another computer that needs the wifi access from the internet router. Though, maybe I am looking too deep in to the problem for the solution…

    I am gathering from what you are suggesting is that I set up the pfSense box as a standard router as I would have a single PC attached to the pfSense box. Then everything should work ok?

  • I meant you should connect a directional antenna to the computer (the pfSense) connecting to the accesspoint.
    A directional antenna has benefits for both sides.

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