Terrible performance! Slow GUI, dial-up speeds, internet dropping…

  • Spent hours figuring out that the doc to setup pfSense in Hyper-V was not working as advertized… even tho I followed it to the letter.
    On the LAN vswitch I had to change from private to external and select the second port in the NIC. No idea if this is bad/wrong and/or I had something else broke. But this was the only way I could get pfSense to communicate to my LAN. Have I done this wrong?

    As to the issues stated; my setup is insanely slow, I mean I cant even load the speedtest page, let alone do an actual speed test.
    30 seconds to load a Google search! That's if I can get pages to load at all. There are a few second intervals that nothing will load, just states page timed out. Took me 20+ minutes just to get signed up to post this message. And the problem is not just internet, the GUI is slow as well. Not timing out, but just no longer responding at times. Sometimes it's fast. The monitor shows 33% or less CPU usage even less memory.

    Server Hardware
    2012 R2 Hyper-V
    AMD 705e
    8GB Ram
    Dual NIC
    pfSense 2.4.2
    1 CPU 2 Core
    1GB Ram
    NIC 0 WAN
    NIC 1 LAN

    I really would like to use PFS in a way that I believe it to be advertised
    Any thoughts?

  • Ok so to update;
    I wanted to go to 2016 anyway, along with other NICs, virtual and physical, along with VPN apps doing who knows what to 2012. I decided just to go to 2016 and start from scratch.
    All is well now!

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