Port Forwarding: Remote Client via IPSEC VPN - Port Forward to Pfsense LAN IP

  • Hello, I am having a IPSEC Port Forwarding Issue, any help appreciated!!

    • Normal: Interal LAN A IP - port forward to WAN - Works fine as you would expect

    • IPSEC Issue: Remote Client IP through IPSEC VPN - port forward to LAN A - doesn't work

    Image explains the issue:

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    I don't get it. does not collide with

    But what you are doing should work, I guess.

    Depends on what the rest of the firewall rules on that interface are, the IPsec traffic selectors, any policy routing in place, etc.

  • Yes, sorry I meant to put

    In theory it should work, its good to hear that someone else agrees. Here are some further details:

    Firewall Rules
    Are allow all on all interfaces for testing

    IP Traffic Selectors (see image).
    Only NAT is not configured, I don't need this right?

    Policy Routing
    I have not done anything with routing policy. What would I need to do?


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Well that doesn't work because is not in the traffic selector. Port forwards translate the destination address, not the source address.

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