I want to pay a PFsense Expert to help me

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    I need a REAL pfsense expert to help me setup my pfsense how I want and need it. The learning curve is too long and I just do not have the time. This person will work with me to learn how I have my network setup, learn what my goals are, walk me through the logic of it all (via phone and screen share). Must be an English speaking person and I can understand what you are saying. And then implement what we come up with. After our discussion, you will advise me on what you would charge to help me with setup and support (incase afterwards we run into a problem). We will use paypal and you will be paid 20% upfront and the remaining upon completion.

    I do not need a year or years of support that pfsense offers, i need a one time setup and access to future support if needed. I am looking for recommendations and someone who is willing.


  • Note sure why you mean? Is this a place to post my same question?

  • Post a Bounty is where forum users offer to pay others to perform a task.

  • I don't think you need a bounty.  A bounty is normally posted when you need pfsense to add new features.  Just hire someone to help you.

  • Thats precisely what i am trying to do.

  • Just say what you need to do with pfsense and I am sure someone will help you.

  • Doesn't pfSense/Netgate offer paid support?  I know there is Gold Subscription when you buy their hardware preinstalled, but I can't imagine them turning down a paid consulting gig like this.

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    They have professional services yes.. Not a year contract, just whatever service you need.. Sounds exactly like what he wants..

    He can click the get a quote button on the bottom ;)

    Or he could just state his question(s) and have the whole community help..  A simple post of what he wants to do and sure multiple people be willing to chime in on how to do it, or sure give an estimate on how much they would charge to do it..  You do understand "experts" normally bill out at over $200 an hour right ;)  Might be willing to give you a pfsense forum discount of a few bucks..  But to be honest prob be better for you just to buy a year of support ;)  Which cost you less than a grand..

    Here to help not do side gigs..

  • It will be easier to know if someone can help you once you say what you need.

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    Yeah it sounds like he wants someone to setup his whole network how he wants it, which may or may not even be possible with hardware on hand and what he wants exactly.  While teaching him at the same time… This normally adds to the cost... Seen those mechanic posters..

    Are we talking 1 lan with a couple of port forwards, or 16 different vlans with snort and squid?

  • @Forced2b:

    …I do not need a year or years of support that pfsense offers, i need a one time setup and access to future support if needed...

    Isn't "access to future support if needed" exactly what a commercial offering does?

    Anyway, as others have mentioned already, maybe post your basic network layout and things you need to get done so we have an idea of what you are talking about. Right now it can be anything from a single WAN/single LAN home setup to a perimeter firewall for a Fortune500 company.  ;)

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