Use my SG-2440 config on an SG-1000 ?

  • I was planning to buy an SG-2220 for another location, and clone it with the config from my SG-2440 (I only use it as a firewall, with VLANs and a fair number of rules).  I don't use the OPT ports.
    With SG-2220 no longer being sold, I'm looking at either a SG-1000 or a SG-3100.  I'd be quite happy to save the money and get the SG-1000.
    Probably 6 - 12 browser devices online at one time, max.  Some being used to watch movies.  Security (IP) cameras, but they're uploading images, not streaming video.
    Should the SG-1000 support this, and should I be able to reuse my SG-2440 config?
    thank you!

  • RE the config- make sure the third interface isn't assigned when you save the config. You will need to re-assign the vlans to the new parent interface before you re-assign after the restore. Other than that, it should be a big deal.

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