Multi WAN on same interface

  • Hello,

    Before I start, I specify that I have no nic available and not possibility to do VLAN.

    So, we have one interface "VPN" connected to a switch where we have already several ISP routers for our clients. We have set gateways of the routers, virtual IP, static routes and NAT to access some DMZ machines and we can communicate them without problem.

    Now, i want to add another router connected to this switch and to have access on DMZ machines. I configured gateway address and virtual IP. I don't want to set static routes. For example, all requests who are coming on public IP : 90.80.x.2 are redirected on DMZ machine : and reply with same IP as the entry.

    How can i do this please ?

    I tried NAT, NAT 1:1, nat outbound specifying public IP 90.80.x.2.
    On this router, i have a direct public IP subnet (90.80.x.1/29) on a port that I would like to use

    Actually, i want to display a web page (https), i see the request came (establishing the secure connection) but the page isn't displayed, i think the reply can't be realize (SYN - ACK) and this is the default gateway of the DMZ interface.

    I hope you can bring me some advices to do that.

    Thank you.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Let me get this right… You have bunch of isp devices connected to a "dumb" switch?  And now you have that connected to 1 wan interface on pfsense?  And you want to put a bunch of different networks on your 1 wan interface?

    Get yourself a smart switch and setup vlans for your different ISP connections.. Then setup vlans on your pfsense wan interface..

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