HA Transparent Bridge 2.3.4 to 2.4.2

  • We have 2x netgate 1U 8860 pfsense appliances.  They are configured in HA as transparent bridges. Our switch's are properly configured (STP) and over the past 6 months  the configuration has been rock solid.

    Its that time of the year for us when we review hardware and make upgrades.  I wanted to bring both of these firewall's to the latest 2.4.2 and boy was that a mess.

    The update itself took over an hour on both firewall's (Way longer than any pfsense VM we have running).  On the secondary it went well.  On the primary, it never came back up.  When I hit the console it was throwing php errors and errors about line 174 in some file.

    While we were trying to unbrick the primary firewall we ran on the secondary which basically would pass traffic for 20-30 minutes and then stop.  Power cycle would get things working again.

    Once we got the primary un-bricked with 2.4.2 and loaded with our configuration it started doing the same thing as the secondary.  Pass traffic for 20-30 minutes then it would stop.

    We ended up re-installing 2.3.4 on both and are back to 100% stable.  My question is, anyone out there running a similar setup run into a similar issue?  We do have support engaged, but I thought it was worth reaching out to the community to!

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