Migrate VLAN to a dedicated network port

  • What is the correct method to migrate a VLAN to it's own dedicated interface and minimize any sort of downtime (and keep rules) ?

    em4 is currently the parent interface for a few VLAN's however I need to migrate the "Backup" on VLAN 2001 from em4 to a new dedicated interface: em5.

    I am thinking on:

    1. Change VLAN configuration (Interfaces/VLANs/Edit) for BACKUP "VLAN 2001" from em4 to em5
    2. Change VLAN interface assignment (network port) for BACKUP from em4 to em5
    3. ?

    Thank you

  • To my mind it seems that solution number one ought to work: but test it.

    Build another vlan on em4, enable it, add some rules, and connect a laptop to it: verify it works.  then change the parent interface from em4 to em5 and see if  a) the settings remain intact and b) if the traffic has actually moved to the new interface with the laptop.

    if it works you should be able to do to vlan 2001.


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    If you get the VLAN configured and tagged through all you have to do is change Interfaces > Assignments and select the new physical interface/VLAN there.

    Everything will follow. rules, DHCP, etc.

    Depending on your environment I would schedule a maintenance window just in case but it should just work.

  • Thanks it was as easy as changing the Interface > Assignments to a new different port.

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