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  • Hello,

    I have a newly installed sg1000 with a restored configuration from an older alix board running 2.3.  In a nutshell: my linux clients can get an ipv4 address from dhcp, but cannot get an ipv6 address from dhcpv6… UNLESS the ethernet port is in promiscuous mode.

    It makes no sense why the ethernet needs to be in promiscuous mode for just dhcpv6.  if there was a problem binding to a port, then it would also affect dhcp for ipv4, right?

    Short of starting over entirely (factory reset, rebuilding from scratch)...what can I do to make it work?


    SG-1000 purchased in January, 2018: 2.4.2-RELEASE-p1 (arm)


    cpsw0 == wan: ipv4 via dhcp via comcast
    gif0 == hurricane: ipv6 via tunnel broker.  (comcast ipv6 broken...)
    lan == cpsw1
    dmz == cpsw1.100 aka vlan100
    child1 == cpsw1.1001 aka vlan 1001
    child2 == cpsw1.1002 aka vlan 1002

    Lan is our network for the adults in the house.  child1, and child2 are vlans with restrictive settings such as opendns.
    dmz is where a linux server and a few linux virtual servers are running.

    So, the Lan is configured as a hybrid port: using untagged vlan 1, and the dmz and two child networks are using tags.

    I can try changing the configuration such that the parent interface, cpsw1 is not in use: the pfsense book seems to indicate mine is not a good configuration...

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