Questions about the built-in cpsw switch on the SG1000

  • Hello,

    When configuring my sg1000, I noticed there are already two vlans assigned:
    vlan 4071 to cpsw0 (aka WAN)
    vlan 4072 to cpsw1 (aka LAN)

    What sort of traffic is on these two vlans?

    Also, when digging into the switch configuration via Interfaces / switch / system, it shows:

    TI Common Platform Ethernet Switch (CPSW)
    3 ports
    128 vlan groups
    DOT1Q (vlan mode)
    DOT1Q ( capabilities)

    Interface / switch / vlans shows:

    VLAN group VLAN tag Members Description
    0                 4072       0,2       Default System VLAN
    1                 1001       0t,2t
    2                 1002       0t,2t
    3                 100         0t,2t
    4                 4071       0,1       Default System VLAN

    So by inference I can see that member 1 is probably cpsw0 (the WAN port) and that member 2 is probably cpsw1  (the LAN port).

    So what is member 0?  Is it /dev/etherswitch0?


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Yes. Member 0 is the uplink to the SoC. You should be able to create traditional pfSense VLAN interfaces for VLAN IDs 100, 1001, and 1002 and those should be tagged on the LAN port.

  • Sweet!  Thanks!

    Is there any significance to vlans 4071 and 4072, or are they just placeholders?


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Just placeholders to both untagged interfaces. Pretty sure those are hardcoded internally though I don't believe a pfSense interface has to be assigned to them if you don't want untagged traffic there.

  • Ok, Thank you!


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