No IP networking after installing.

  • Hi, I am trying to set up a new gateway in place of an older one that has recently failed. It is going to sit behind an ISP router, my problem is that after installing i can see on the console of both my PFSense machine and on the ISP router that the PFsense machine is assigned an ip by the DHCP server on the ISP router. My problem is that the PFSense machine doesn’t assign itself a LAN IP it is just blank, and even after setting one manually it doesn’t work. I have checked that both interfaces are working with a linux live system. And i have used the same machine with PFSense before it worked on a different network though. Sorry if these are stupid questions but after four hours of troubleshooting yesterday I haven’t been able to fix it or find anything on Google. Also the PFsense machine isn’t able to ping any internet or local addresses on the WAN side even though it has been assigned an address.

  • Provide some details of your hardware and config, and a screenshot of the console.

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