Is this even possible?

  • Hi,

    Im not really sure about this so please bear with me. :)

    I have an AP (Linksys LAPN300) which I would like to broadcast two SSID having different networks (internet and local network). Kindly refer on my attachment. Is this even possible?

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    Does your switch support vlans?  Then sure seems like the LAPN300 support them..

  • Yes, Im using cisco2950.

    See also my current setup, attached below.

    Currently, I only have 1 WAN which is the internet connection. Im not really sure if I can have another coming from our core switch for the LAN connection of our Office then broadcast them both on 1AP 2different SSID. If this is possible, sharing some idea of how to do this would be much appreciated.

    extra info, my pfsense box has 2 more vacant interfaces. all in all 4 interfaces

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    It looks like your currently just running a specific vlan for each AP based on what switch you plugged it into.  Any dumb AP could do that, even some wifi router being used an AP.  The brief 2 seconds I looked at the specs of that AP model is it supports vlans.  So you should be able to run I would think at least 4 different vlans on the AP based upon SSID.

    Depending on the AP features - you could also do dynamic vlans based upon auth or mac, etc.

    But sure each of your AP should be able to do all 4 of those vlans.

    SSIDA - vlan5
    SSIDB - vlan10
    SSIDC - vlan15
    SSIDD - vlan20

    you should be able to do that on each AP..  Not sure how many SSID those AP support.  The unifi stuff can do 8 per band.. So if you wanted you could do 8 on 2.4 and 8 on 5ghz.. for a total of 16..  You will have to read the specs on your specific AP on how many SSID you can use on the same AP.

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