Firewall based routing seems to be broken

  • Hi Guys,

    i noticed that my firewall routing is broken. I dunno which snapshot it was but ~1 month before or so all worked well.

    My setup:

                                               |==> WAN ( static ip ) ==> Internet Access ( Default GW )
    Client ==> PFSENSE (LAN) |
                                               |==> OPT1 ( static ip ) ==> Internet Access

    If i add now a rule for the LAN to route every traffic to port 22 over the OPT1 gateway, port 22 isnt anymore reachable. Every other services on remote hosts are still reachable, because he routes the traffic through WAN.

  • I have also noticed this problem with the latest snapshots.  It appears everything since at least the Jan 3 snapshot is broken, I'm rolling out the oldest snapshot (12/26) right now to see if I can fix the problem.

    It appears that policy routing is totally broken, whatever connection you set to be the default connection in your gateways will always work, but if you setup a policy route under Firewall > Rules, it breaks all connections matching that rule.  It doesn't matter if you use the same gateway as the default gateway with nothing more than a different name.  Gateway groups, other gateways, they are all broken.  Also, I've noticed a glitch in the default gateway settings where if you uncheck one and check the other route for your default and say apply, it will not apply until you reboot.

    Hopefully this is a quick fix since I don't have a snapshot that does function now…..


    It appears all snapshots currently available have the problem, I can't tell you when it started bit I can tell you that it does exist in everything current.

  • -BUMP-

    Any update on this?

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