Firewall want boot

  • Hello,

    i Have firewall that suddenly stopped booting with following  error on boot attached screen
    Please advice

  • It complains about a dirty shutdown and then fails to mount.  You either have a bad disk or a whacked filesystem from the dirty shutdown.  Hopefully you have a config backup?

  • Thanks for your answer :)
    Yes, I do have backup, the firewall is in another country so I am waiting for ILO access to it to figure out what happen

    is it usles to try fsck -y  on system?


  • It is always usefull to run a fsck on a system.
    At best, it finds nothing to do. Your disk is marked clean again and the system will boot.
    At worst, it will tell you it could repair things and you know you won a trip to the local "new disk store".

    The situation is pretty identical to what we have been seen the last two decades with a non-clean shutdown of a Windows PC. It's CHKDSK time ;)

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