Captive Portal User Problem Can't Directly or Automatically Disconnect?

  • Hello Admin!

    Anyone can help me! I have some problem encounter  about the Services on Captive portal user. What i have observe on that time when i updates on new version 2.4.2 Release version. then i'll try to disconnect or delete of Mac user Address on the captive portal.  that is one of my subscribers for requesting cut off for the internet subscription.

    But, after I disconnect or delete the mac address. In a few weeks ago what i have seen .  He is  continue connected  using internet like YouTube, Google,Facebook. etc. then after i restart the system He is not connected i'm happy because hes is disconnected already.

    The problem is why i need to restart the system for every disconnect or deleting user mac? concern is for the disturbing of another clients.

    I hope you understand.

    Thank you!

    Best regards,
    Larry (JuniorIT)

  • Hi,

    Can you detail what method you have chosen for authentication ?

    Try this:

    Read (this is the doc that explains everything - never leave home without it)

    Access console and run

    ipfw table all list

    See that _auth_up tableand _auth_down table contains IP AND MAC of every authenticated device.

    Disconnect all users.

    Set soft time out on portal interface to 10 minutes.
    Set hard time out on portal interface to 15 minutes.

    Use a device (the PC, Smartphone, pad, whatever) to authenticate.

    ipfw table all list

    again and see that your device is on the list - the two tables. Is this MAC and IP the IP and MAC of your device ??

    Shut down wifi on your device.

    After 10 minutes probably and 15 minutes sure the tables will be empty.

    ipfw table all list

    every minute or so to to check.

    Activate wifi on device and check that connection to the Internet is lost.

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