Change OPT order for VLANs

  • As time goes on, I'm adding various VLANs to pfSense. The order that the VLANs display in is ordered by the OPT number (ie, OPT1, OPT2, OPT3). But my VLANs are labelled such that they are no longer alphabetical. That is:

    OPT1 = VLAN4
    OPT2 = VLAN2
    OPT3 = VLAN9

    How can I make it so:

    OPT1 = VLAN2
    OPT2 = VLAN4
    OPT3 = VLAN9

    so that they're sorted "nicely" in the GUI? I see that I can change the dropdown in Interfaces > Assignments, but will that move the Firewall rules as well, or are rules tied to the OPT number?

    A follow up request could be that I want a pretty flower on the dashboard. But I'll settle for sorting alphabetically for now. :P

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    You don't. You do it right the first time or you move everything to the correct interface manually, like firewall rules.

    When you reassign OPT2 to VLAN 4 all of OPT2's rules, etc will now be tagged on VLAN4 instead. Probably not what you want.

    Sometime it is beneficial to create a throwaway vlan or two to have an interface to assign and move things to so you don't have to completely rebuild an interface.

    You could then just edit every rule and change the interface to the BS interface clearing the rules from, say, OPT1, then move all of OPT2's rules to OPT1, then move all of the BS interfaces rules to OPT1, then switch the VLAN tags. Don't forget your DHCP servers, etc too.

    It is probably easier just to let it be.

    Then you can spend time looking at the pretty flower on your dashboard instead.

    ![Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 7.06.20 PM.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 7.06.20 PM.png)
    ![Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 7.06.20 PM.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 7.06.20 PM.png_thumb)

  • Always good to get a sense of humour going - thanks Derelict; nice flower  ;D

    I'm not overly fussed about the misaligned VLAN numbering. I was half-anticipating that you give a solution as you have stated, by juggling the firewall rules after reassigning the OPTs. But no biggie. Perhaps it could be listed as a low-priority UX feature/option to list OPTs by name instead of number on the dashboard/dropdowns/etc.

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