How do you setup QoS when in router mode

  • I've got a pfsense that is being used as a router.  We have a local firewall that was used for internet service and this router unit passed traffic to it via the wan interface.  Recently we implemented a VES circuit and we route all traffic out of corporate now.  The old wan connection will stay just as a backup but isn't actively used.

    I have OSPF setup to handle my routing rules and that is working really well.

    The trouble we are having is that every once in a while the pipe will saturate and VOIP calls over the VES are suffering.  I'd like to implement a simple QoS on the VES interface for VOIP (or even a bandwidth reservation if that is easier).

    When I run the wizard it only shows the original wan interface as a wan and lists all the rest as lan interfaces.  I believe it looks at the existence of a configured gateway on the interface to determine wan vs lan.  Since I don't have a gateway on the VES interface (there is a 3rd location so routing to that location will be direct rather than hitting corporate and then out to 3rd site) it doesn't allow me to run the wizard.

    Do I have to setup traffic shaping on all the interfaces or can I configure just the VES interface?

    Would a bandwidth reservation be easier to implement in this scenario?

    How do I go about setting up QoS for VOIP with this setup?

    Thanks in advance for your input

  • I have a feeling the wizard just deals with your typical WAN-LAN, but am sure you can setup the queues/interface(s) manually.

    Somebody mentions QOS/traffic shaping is just a series of filter rules applied to the egress of interfaces.  If you use the wizard on WAN-LAN, then go back in there and look at the interfaces, you will see the rules applied to the WAN-LAN.  Analyze what they do, then manually configure your own.  Show your chops how much u know this stuff :D

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