VLAN routing stops working by itself

  • Folks,

    I posted about this a while back but it seemed like a ramble…

    I have a VLAN (300) which simply has an any/any rule. From laptop plugged into the switch I can ping the vlan's gateway. Perfect. I can also ping This stays working for a while.

    I go to speedtest.net and do a speed test and all of a sudden it stops working.

    The screen print below is my test laptop connected into the switch. Pinging quite happily and all of a sudden the lights when dim.

    I have:
    Netgear switch;
    Port 5 (U, 300, laptop)
    Port 6 (T, trunk to OPT6 (trunked) on pfsense)

    OPT6 2 VLANS, 300, 400
    Rule in VLAN300 any/any

    VLAN1 =
    VLAN300 =

    As said, this all works so I don't think there is any issue with the config.
    It just stops working by itself. VLAN1 continues to work without hassle.

    A reboot of pfSense is the only way to solve it (that I have found so far). Still trawling through the logs.
    Hardware is a Gigabyte JI900 which, other than this issue, has never missed a beat in 3 years.

    Any help with finding out why this is happening?


  • ok, so a resolution is to ssh into pfsense and down/up the nic which the vlans are running on.

    As soon as I do that the ping to the GW starts working again.

    Does this suggets the NIC is porked?

  • And the culprit is….. the NIC :(

    I've disabled it and used a - gasp - USB3 one I had knocking around.
    So far, so good. Get a shade over 200Mb/s throughput which is more than ample for my needs (IoT wifi)

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