Looking for "clean" OS/Web browser or Console HDMI web function

  • Hi
    I am new for pfSense but not new to PC/Embedded hard and soft. I am using pfSense for about 1.5 month on
    QOTOM Q330G4 Mini PC with 8GB RAM + 16GB SSD. It's pretty good firewall as I see and I need to learn a lot despite I installed it without full documentation or support.

    I have a question about web interface monitoring and administration. The problem with Win10 or MAC OS is they connecting or trying connect to Microsoft and Apple services creating a lot of traffic and firewall/snort alerts by default. I have one PC with Linux Mint 17.1 and Debian 8. Unfortunately those are tainted as well, mostly because Firefox trying to connect Mozilla and Amazon. Mint is connecting to Ubuntu  services as well in addition. Linux have free Wireshark as benefit compare to Win/Mac.

    Can somebody suggest what OS/Browser combination better to use for pfSense applience which have no problems as above? As I see pfSense console output is limited and not same functionality as web interface. I don't have access to Firefox development SDK and shutting up Linux OS is not very easy task.
    In addition I have HDMI output up to UHD resolution in my setup but looks like it cannot be used for full web experience-just for basic administration/setup.

    Any suggestions?


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