Accessing modem from inside firewall - Not Working

  • Hi,

    Trying to access my modem after following this guide -

    Doesn't work for some reason.

    I had this setup and working correctly on my older 2.3.5 pfsense router but can't get it working on 2.4.2.

    Does the above mentioned guide still apply to 2.4.2 or are there extra steps not listed in the guide?

    If it should work after following the guide any ideas why it wouldn't?

  • I managed to follow the document and can access my modem successfully.

    If you can provide more details on the ISP/modem type/IP Addresses etc., might be able to help.

  • I have quad-port nic set up with a WAN, LAN1, LAN2 and W_LAN. The entire network is setup to go through a VPN (ExpressVPN) except LAN1. The PC I am trying to use to connect to the modem is on LAN1.

    For LAN1 I have my LAN1 net any any rule set to use the WAN_PPPOE gateway so that it does not go through the VPN.

    I do not understand why the following allowed me to access the modem from LAN1 but what I ended up doing was creating a new rule with my LAN1 pc IP address as the source and Modem_Access net as the destination. On this new rule I left the gateway as default. This causes the connection to go through the VPN but it works.

    So, though I do not understand why it wouldn't work using the WAN_PPPOE gateway it does work when not setting a gateway for the above rule.

    If anyone understands why creating a rule with no gateway chosen works please let me know so that I have a better understanding.

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