Ipsec performance

  • I Have 2xlanner 8759 which has xeon e3-1275 processor and 16gb ram. Running pfsense 2.2.5. I have connected 2 such firewalls back to back Network topology is attached. Testing out this setup just out of curiosity  :)
    VPN config at both ends is as follows:
    Mode: Main
    P1 protocol: AES256 and SHA1 (not gcm)
    P2 protocol: ESPand SHA1.
    Tunnel is established between and I can verify that the tunnels are up using tcpdump.
    Iperf server is hosted on, client from Both PCs running windows.
    I am getting throughput of about 400-420Mbps. I was wondering if this is good on a xeon e3-1275 processor?
    Also it supports aes ni, does that get enabled by default or has to be enabled via bios?
    Lastly are there any tunables that i can play around with to increase performance since my cpu utilization hardly gets upto 15%?

    Will i get any improvements if i switch to newer versions of pfsense?

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